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Pre and Post-Op Plastic Surgery Concierge Services in the Privacy of Your Home or Hotel

Discreet and Confidential

After plastic surgery your body needs to heal. For a successful recovery you need rest, nutrition, nurturing, quiet, comfort and emotional support.

Sometimes family members or friends may not be the best caregivers after plastic surgery.

After, After Care will provide you the support, nurturing and care that you need in the comfort of your home or privacy of a hotel for a seamless, successful recovery.

Valerie and Michele have combined experience of 40 years in the plastic surgery industry. Having been patients themselves, Valerie and Michele understand what you are going through. They have the expertise in cosmetic surgery healing and support as well as trusted relationships with surgeons in the area.

We will assist you with all your post-operative plastic surgery needs after you have been released from your surgeon’s care or a post-op recovery care center. We pay particular attention to following your surgeon’s prescribed instructions.

After, After Care offers complete 24-hour or hourly concierge services in the privacy of your home, hotel or extended stay to fit your individual and family needs. Our goal is for you to have a restful, comfortable and stress-free recovery.

Allow us to assist you with all of your pre/post plastic surgery needs and solve any unforeseen problems that may arise to assure you the best experience possible.

Complete Discretion and Confidentiality Assured

Contact us today to find out how we can assist you with a stress free, comfortable recovery.
San Francisco: 415-494-7211
Beverly Hills: 310-508-8848

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