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Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before Surgery

  • What board certifications do you have?
  • Were you trained specifically in the field of plastic surgery?
  • How many years of plastic surgery training have you had?
  • How many procedures of this type do you perform monthly?
  • How many revisions do you perform yearly on your patients?
  • Am I a good candidate for this procedure?
  • What are the risks and complications associated with my procedure?
  • How are complications handled?
  • Do you have recent patient before and after photos to look at for each procedure?
  • Do you have before and after photos of patient’s 2- 3 years after their procedure?
  • Is my deposit for surgery refundable?
  • What is your revision policy if I am unhappy with the outcome?
  • How long is my estimated recovery time?
  • Where is the surgery performed?
  • Do you have hospital privileges? This is especially important if the surgeon practices in other states.
  • Have you ever had disciplinary actions or deaths related to a procedure?
  • Is your surgical facility accredited? When was your last accreditation?
  • What is the accrediting agency?
  • Can I see your surgical facility?
  • Can I have the names of two references of patients that have had my procedure?

Recommendation For Preparing For Recovery

  • If your surgeon performs surgeries towards the end of the week, you should try to schedule your procedure closer to the weekend so you can have extra recovery time before returning to your normal activities.
  • Fill your prescriptions for antibiotics and pain medication several days prior to surgery.
  • Arrange well in advance, 3-4 weeks for your aftercare help whether it be in your home, hotel or a facility.
  • Arrange transportation for the day of surgery and for follow-up appointments in advance. Patients are urged not to drive on the day of surgery or while taking pain medication.
  • Good nutrition is essential for a speedy recovery. Increase your protein, go organic and add supplements to aid in healing. Hydrate. You may be advised to discontinue some of the supplements prior to surgery.
  • Purchase any garments or special pillows in advance.
  • Stock your refrigerator with healthy easily digestible food.
  • Shop for the items your surgeon recommends the week prior to surgery.
  • You may become swollen or bruised from the procedure, talk to your surgeon about taking Arnica and Bromelain before and after surgery.
  • To reduce swelling make an appointment with a Lymphatic Massage specialist prior to your surgery and during your recovery.
  • Post-operative recovery from surgery requires significant rest and inactivity. Our team at After, After Care will assist you with shopping, transportation, appointment setting and your post-op care.

The Reality Of Recovery

Every patient heals differently. However, its best to add a week or two to your recovery time, just in case.

Your surgeon and his staff will thoroughly explain and demystify the challenges of recovery after any surgery. The surgeon’s patient coordinator or manager will be on hand and will follow-up with you after surgery.

It’s imperative that you follow your surgeon’s instructions for proper care before and after the surgery to ensure the best outcome.

With the help of a skilled ethical surgeon and After, After Care, patients can expect a smoother and nurturing recovery experience.

After, After Care does not give medical advice. It’s important to discuss all aspects of your surgery and recovery with your surgeon. We assume no responsibility for consequences resulting from information contained on this website.
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